Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Intrepid Volunteer Driver

Years and years ago, I wanted a volunteer job where I could help without writing. Or talking much. I don't have a lot of other skills, but I figured I can drive. So I started delivering Meals on Wheels to the elderly. Easy, low-stress (though sometimes depressing when one client's name disappears from the list-- there's usually no good news then).

Last year, after a friend went through cancer treatments and every time had to scramble to get a ride to the hospital, I decided to drive for the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery. So I'm also doing that now. Hmm. I have to drive tomorrow. I think I better get my car washed.

Anyway, I'm a writer, and so of course I think, "There ought to be a novel in this." Everyone gently suggests it sounds sort of boring. But I'm still thinking of that: The Adventures of a Volunteer Driver!

I think in the future, on the web, we might see a lot more serial stories because they replicate the immediacy of blogging and social media (even if in fact they take many hours to write). I'm think shorter, linked stories, like a series of stories about an intrepid volunteer driver! You finish reading one, and if you're still awake, maybe you click the link to the next.

No, I haven't actually had any adventures as a volunteer driver (though driving through a flooded street to faithfully deliver a meal might count-- my car wasn't the same for weeks). But I have had the potential for adventure. It's just with my natively cautious approach to life, I always cut off adventure before it has a chance to bloom. I just need to create a heroine who isn't so adventure-averse.

Really, it could be a FASCINATING series!


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